Visual Guided Practice - Tier 2 Intervention - Delta Math

Visual Guided Practice

additional guided practice

Intended Purpose

  • To help students strengthen and maintain conceptual understanding using visual representations of mathematical ideas


Suggestions for use:

  • Distributed/spaced practice between readiness screenings
  • Revisit an intervention after taking a short break with students who demonstrate some conceptual understanding by coming close to the learning goal on their Growth Chart


Instructional Design:

  • Approximately 5 to 15 minutes per session
  • Forms A, B and C are available for each readiness standard
  • Begin with the teacher/interventionist leading a “We Do Together” problem
  • The middle provides time for students to reflect and ask questions about the learning target
  • End with students taking turns leading to solve the “You Do Together” problems


Solutions for Form A Guided Practice are included at the end of this document:

  • Drawing guides were used to construct each math drawing
  • Students who struggle with kinesthetic movement and spatial organization many benefit from using drawing guides to construct math drawings
  • Drawing guides are available with Delta Math intervention kits at