Implementation Training

The following resources support initial implementation training.

Implementation Training PowerPoint and Handouts

Additional Resources

Implementation Support and Staff Meeting Agendas

PDF Document Implementation Planning Guide, Calendar and Staff Meeting Agendas
Powerpoint Document Staff Meeting Agenda Topics: (PowerPoint Slides)

  • Prepare your staff to implement
  • Prepare your staff to screen students
  • Prepare your staff to provide tier 2 intervention

PDF Document Systems For Implementing Delta Math

Powerpoint Document Secondary Math Intervention Structures

Instructional Support Resources

Math Progression Documents (William McCallum – Chair)

  • Each document supports the progression of a topic across a number of grade levels and includes instructional recommendations

Standard Algorithms  (Karen Fuson and Sybilla Beckmann)

  • This research brief provides multiple examples of standard algorithms, including math drawings, for whole number operations

Videos   (Graham Fletcher)

  • Each video provides explanations and visual representations that support conceptual understanding for each mathematical progression