Online Practice

Online Practice

RS1 - 3.NBT.2a (Add three-digit numbers)

RS2 - 3.NBT.2b (Subtract three-digit numbers)

RS3 - 3.OA.7a (Multiply numbers from 0 to 10)

RS4 - 3.OA.7b (Divide numbers by 1 to 10)

RS5 - 3.NF.1 (Identify fractions and their parts)

RS6 - 3.NF.2 (Name fractions on a number line)

RS7 - 3.NF.3d (Compare fractions with the same numerator or same denominator)

RS1 - 4.NBT.5 (Multiply up to a four-digit by a one-digit number and two two-digit numbers)

RS2 - 4.NBT.6 (Divide up to a four-digit number by a one-digit number)

RS3 - 4.NF.2 (Compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators)

RS4 - 4.NF.3b (Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers)

RS5 - 4.NF.3c (Add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators)

RS6 - 4.NF.4b (Multiply a whole number by a fraction)

Extra Fraction Support: 4.NF.4 (Simplifying Fractions)

RS1 - 5.OA.1 (Evaluate number expressions using parenthesis)

RS2 - 5NBT.5 (Multiply multi-digit numbers)

RS3 - 5.NBT.6 (Divide four-digit numbers)

RS4 - 5.NF.1 (Add and Subtract mixed numbers with different denominators)

RS5 - 5.NF.4b (Multiply fractions)

RS6 - 5.NF.7a (Divide a unit fraction by a whole number)

RS7 - 5.NF.7b (Divide a whole number by a unit fraction

Extra Fraction Support: 4.NF.4 (Simplifying fractions)

RS1 - 6.NS.1 (Multiply and divide fractions)

RS2 - 6NS.6c (Find ordered pair on a coordinate plane)

RS3 - 6.EE.2a (Translate algebraic expressions between words and symbols)

RS4 - 6.EE.2c (Evaluate algebraic expressions)

RS5 - 6.EE.4 (Simplify algebraic expressions)

RS6 - 6.EE.7 (Solve 1-step equations)

Extra Fraction Support: 4.NF.4 (Simplifying Fractions)

RS1 - 7.NS.1d (Add and subtract integers between -10 and 10)

RS2 - 7NS.2c (Multiply and divide by integers between -10 and 10)

RS3 - 7.EE.1a (Add and subtract linear expressions)

RS4 - 7.EE.1b (Expand linear expressions)

RS5 - 7.EE.1c (Factor linear expressions)

RS6 - 7.EE.4a (Solve equations with more than one step)

Extra Fraction Support - 4.NF.4 (Simplifying fractions)

RS1 - 8.EE.7b (Solve multi-step linear equations)

RS2 - 8.EE.7a (Find the number of solutions to linear equations in one variable)

RS3 - 8.F.4 (Find the equation of a line)

RS4 - 8.EE.1 (Find equivalent numerical expressions using properties of integer exponents)

RS5 - 8.EE.2 (Solve non-linear equations using square roots and cube roots)

Extra Fraction Support - 4.NF.4 (Simplifying fractions)


RS1 - F.IF.2 (Evaluate linear and non-linear functions)

RS2 - F.IE.1 (Determine if a function is linear or non-linear)

RS3 - A.CED.2 (Graph linear and non-linear functions)

RS4 - A.REI.6 (Solve systems of linear equations algebraically)

RS5 - A.SSE.3 (Factor quadratic expressions)

Extra Fraction Support - 4.NF.4 (Simplifying fractions)