Delta Math is an RtI program that provides online readiness screening and standard based reporting, paper based progress monitoring and tiered instructional support for Kindergarten through Algebra 1.

Delta Math Intervention Kits are now available!  To learn more visit the Intevention Lesson page Math Intervention Kits.


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Delta Math Growth Data

Program data supports the following trend:  At the end of each school year, more students are ready to learn the next grade level than compared to the percent at benchmark students at the beginning of the year.


To inquire about scheduling a session in your region, please submit a request on the "Contact Us" page located at the top of the page.


Types of support includes:


  • Information:  1 to 2 hour session to provide program awareness for district and building RtI leaders.
  • Initial Implementation:  3 hour session to support the what, why and how to screen, identify and support students for math RtI leaders.
  • Follow-up:  1 to 2 hour session to explore local data and reflect on initial implementation experiences.
  • Intervention:  1 to 2 hour session to explore visual representations and mathematical strategies used within Delta Math resources
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