Email Communications

PDF Document02/28/2023

  • Spring Screening Cycle
  • Summer School and 2022-23 Data Availability
  • Secondary Math Geometry

PDF Document02/06/2023

  • Tier 1 Identification and Support
  • Intervention Group Report Recommendations
  • New practice problems for measuring proficiency with math facts
  • Updates to the Screening and Reporting Website

PDF Document10/27/2022

  • Winter Readiness and Tier 3 Screeners
  • Updated Screening Cycle Start Dates
  • Celebrate Student Success!

PDF Document09/30/2022

  • New Progress Screeners
  • Options for Assessing Math Fact Proficiency
  • Support for Using the Intervention Lessons

PDF Document08/02/2022

  • Enrollment Preparation for Fall Screening  
  • Changes to Assessing Math Fact Proficiency   
  • New Data Wall Report
  • Implementation Planning Guides