Tier 3 Intervention - Delta Math

Tier 3 Intervention

Intervention lessons integrate the following high leverage strategies: 

  • Review the learning target and success criteria
  • Set personal goals
  • Gradually release the responsibility of the teacher
  • Provide mathematical structure
    • Visual representations (C/R/A)
    • Modeling problem-solving thinking
    • Precise mathematical language
  • Monitor progress frequently
  • Provide immediate and descriptive feedback

Note:  The Tier 3 Intervention Cycle Overview displays how the high leverage strategies integrate within an 8 day cycle.


Targeted practice can be provided during warm-ups, centers/work-stations, cool-downs, or any other classroom transition time.

  • Visual Guided Practice are graphic organizers that include “We do together” and “You do together” problems focused on math drawings, vocabulary, and representing math with symbols and numbers.
  • Visual Fluency Cards are sets of cards that include symbolic visual representations of problems and solutions.  And, each deck of cards include directions to provide 7 unique activities.
  • Virtual Card Sorts provide 4 unique slides to connect 3 sets of cards vertically in the order of the colors provided in the directions at the top of each slide.
  • Online Practice is intended for students to practice after they demonstrate conceptual understanding.  Many activities include visual representations to support conceptual understanding.

Note:  Quick checks and growth charts can be used to monitor progress and support personal goal setting!