Get to know Delta Math

          The Delta Math RtI Program was developed to help educators identify students not ready to learn current math standards. 

          In 2007, the Ottawa Area ISD began developing screening and reporting tools to support the implementation of math RtI for its local schools.  Soon after, schools in other regions chose to use Delta Math online readiness screeners, data reports and other program resources to meet their needs. 

          In 2010, Alt+Shift (formerly known as the Michigan's Integrated Mathematics Initiative) identified Delta Math as a promising practice.  This added support helped the OAISD to build leadership capacity to support the implementation of Delta Math throughout the State of Michigan.  

          In 2014, Alt+Shift collaboration focused on the development of Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention lessons for each Delta Math Readiness and Tier 3 standard.

          In 2020, support shifted to break down barriers for students learning at home.  Resources were developed to support screening students and using intervention lessons at home.  Free online resources are also being identified to include virtual manipulatives and online practice for each Delta Math Readiness and Tier 3 standard.

          The Ottawa Area ISD and Alt+Shift would like to thank the following regional service agencies for the feedback and support provided by their consultants:  Allegan AESA, Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona ISD, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Bay-Arenac ISD, Berrien RESA, Eaton RESA, Gratiot-Isabella RESD, Huron ISD, Ingham ISD, Jackson County ISD, Kalamazoo RESA, Oakland Schools, St. Joseph County ISD, and the Traverse Bay Area ISD.

Video DocumentIntroduction Video and PDF DocumentAgenda

  • 60-minute recorded Zoom video and agenda with Delta Math RtI Program details and hyperlinks.


PDF DocumentDelta Math At A Glance

  • One page summary of essential components, time frames, important resources and supporting research for the implementation of Delta Math RtI Program resources as part of a multi-tiered system of support.
This video follows a fictional 5th grade class through a year of screening and Tier 2 intervention support.


Tiers of Support

This video describes how educators throughout Michigan use Delta Math resources to build systems of supports

This video describes how educators throughout Michigan use Delta Math resources to build systems of supports

This document provides the Delta Math Readiness and Tier 3 standards for each grade level.  (1st Grade through Algebra 2)

PDF DocumentStandards by Grade Level

This document provides the Delta Math Readiness and Tier 3 standards for each grade level.  (1st Grade through Algebra 2)

 PDF DocumentReadiness Standards Development

This document provides information on how the Delta Math readiness standards were selected for each grade level.

This video highlights a 4th grade screening session to emphasize support provided by the teacher script and specific problem types.

Link to a video that highlights a 4th grade screening session for the Delta Math Response to Intervention Program.


PDF DocumentCourse Overview displays all students and their performance for each readiness standard.

PDF DocumentStandard Summary displays the percent of students who performed below benchmark for each readiness standard.

PDF DocumentIntervention Group displays the students who performed below benchmark for each readiness standard.

PDF DocumentStudent Performance displays how each student performed on each readiness standard.

Note:  Data Protocols are available to support data conversations for each screening cycle.

This video highlights the evidence-based recommendations integrated within a Tier 2 intervention cycle

This explains the Delta Math Tier 2 Response to Intervention Process

Please view the Standard-based Intervention Cycle Overview support video to see how Delta Math instructional resources follow evidence-based recommendations from the Institute of Education Sciences that include:

  • Explicit instruction that is systematic
  • Visual representations of mathematical ideas
  • Progress monitoring
  • Motivational strategies such as personal goal setting

PDF DocumentTier 2 Intervention Cycle Overview 

PDF DocumentTier 3 Intervention Cycle Overview 

This document supports school improvement planning by providing a description, time-frame, and alignment to supporting research for each essential component for implementing math RtI or Tiered PLCs for mathematics.

PDF DocumentImplementation Guide

math rtimtss implementation guide



*Training and annual screening fees for OAISD schools are paid for by the OAISD

Annual Screening: $3.00 per student

What is provided?
  • School districts are invoiced at the end of each school year based on the number of students who were actually screened
  • Every student is able to be screened as many times as necessary throughout a school year
  • Teachers are provided access to all Fall, Winter and Spring grade-level screeners
What screening fees pay for: (Program Administrator, Database Developer, and Application Developer)?
  • Delta Math help desk support
  • Development and maintenance of the online screening and reporting platform, the enrollment management site, a longitudinal reporting site and a support website that includes implementation guides and videos
  • Live support from the OAISD instructional services and technology department

Start-up: $250 per district

What is provided?
  • 1/2 day of training for a building implementation team (Up to 6 people that include an administrator, team leader, interventionists, teachers and/or others.)
  • Access to standard-based tier 2 intervention lessons and resources to monitor student Creation of district and building online accounts and support for the student enrollment Online support for implementing Delta Math RtI Program resources
What start-up fees pay for?
  • Supplement the cost for OAISD program support personal to assist with implementation training and support
  • Supplement the OAISD technology department for supporting the district enrollment process
What Michigan Integrated Mathematics Initiative ((MI)2) pays for Delta Math?
  • Contracted with Mike Klavon to
  • Provide technical assistance for schools using Delta Math that includes regional information sessions, implementation training sessions, and tier 2 instructional support sessions
  • Provide technical assistance for regional math consultants that include updates and receive feedback about regional needs and program enhancements
  • Lead the development of implementation support tools that include implementation guides, facilitator guides for implementation training and support videos for virtual professional development
  • Lead the development of tier 2 intervention lessons that follow the evidence-based recommendations from the Institute of Education Sciences practice guide: Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools