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Prepare To Teach Lessons

PDF DocumentPrepare for Tier 2 Intervention

preparation for tier 2 intervention

1.  Get to know the tier 2 intervention cycle.


2.  Print the Teacher Packet for the standard from the Tier 2 Intervention tab.

  • Identify the learning target and success criteria.


3.  Become confident with the Concrete-Representational-Abstract instructional sequence (C-R-A).  

  • Explore Session 2 - Build with Manipulatives
    • Watch the modeling video.  (Build)
    • Read the suggested script and highlight nouns and verbs that support productive math talk.
    • Analyze the Teacher Notes and Visual Support if available.
    • Practice a think-aloud for the first two Guided Practice problems.
    • Anticipate questions students might ask.
  • Repeat the process for Sessions 3 and 4.  (Draw and Write)


4.  Review the Concrete-Representational-Abstract instructional sequence (C-R-A). 


5.  Print the Student Packet and gather manipulatives that may include mats, modeling and guided practice cards, or other types of tools included in the Teacher Packet.  (Materials List)