At-Home Support

At-Home Support 

This support page is designed for parents and guardians with students attending schools who use Delta Math RtI Program readiness screeners, data reports and targeted instruction for students in kindergarten through Algebra 2.

Ways to support students at home?

  • Support students during Delta Math intervention
    • Have your student demonstrate their understanding by completing the “At-Home” practice.
      • Questions to ask:
        • What was today’s session about?
        • Will you show me what you learned?
        • What is still confusing?  and/or  What questions can you ask tomorrow?
  • Support students to maintain skills and understanding
    • Play games with your student or have them practice using online practice.  
      • Questions to ask:
        • What math skill did we practice today?
        • What strategies did you use while playing the game?
        • How could you modify the game to make it more challenging?
  • Support students learning math at home 

What standards does Delta Math support?

  • Delta Math readiness standards for each grade level.

deltamath readiness standard progression document

How visual representations support Number Sense and Computational Fluency?



  • Strategy videos for computational fluency (Videos - Examples of Computational Strategies)
    • Additions (Partial Sums and Column Addition)
    • Multiplication (Partial Products)
    • Subtractions (Trade First, Counting Up, and Partial Differences)
    • Division (Partial Quotients and Column Division) 


  • C-R-A (Build-Draw-Write) Progressions in Delta Math Lessons

concrete (build), representational (draw), and abstract (write) for delta math readiness standard 2.NBT.5a


Click on the operations below to preview each C-R-A Progression