Visual Fluency Cards

Visual Fluency Cards

Delta Math Visual fluency cards were inspired by Graham Fletcher’s Multiplication Subitizing Cards and are available thanks to the leadership and partnership of the Berrien RESA.  These cards are designed to support student understanding using visual representations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

The cards help students see the following fluency strategies:

  • Addition to 5 and 10  (Count on from the greatest number on a 5-frame)
  • Addition to 20  (Make a ten on a 10-frame)
  • Subtraction within 5 and 10  (Count up to subtract on a 5- or 10-frame)
  • Subtraction within 20  (Count up and make a ten on a 10-frame)
  • Multiplication  (Multiply by 5 and some more within 10-frames and area models)
  • Division  (Think multiply to divide with an area model)

Directions are available on table tents to provide 3 activities that progress in complexity. 

  • Activity 1 is a card sort where all cards begin face up. 
  • Activity 2 is a match-up game where the Number Problem cards are dealt face-down and the Visual Answer cards are dealt face-up for players to take turns matching the problem cards with their visual answer cards.
  • Activity 3 is “Concentration” with both Number Problem cards and Visual Answer cards dealt face-down for students to find pairs with the equivalent values.

Not all basic facts were included to keep the number of cards manageable.  Our goal was to provide opportunities for students to engage with the facts that are typically missed with the highest frequency.

Caution:  The visual fluency cards are designed to provide additional practice for specific strategies.  They are not to be used to introduce a strategy!


For students beginning their journey toward fluency, please consider where the student is within the following progression of Delta Math resources for supporting basic fact fluency:

  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Intervention Lessons  (Build / Draw / Write)
  • Additional Guided Practice  (Draw / Write)
  • Visual Fluency Cards  (Draw / Write)
  • Independent Practice  (Write)