September 28, 2023


Holland, MI- Nearly 20 Career Development Facilitators and Career Specialists from Allegan Area ESA, Kent County ISD, Muskegon Area ISD and Ottawa Area ISD met at Careerline Tech Center in Holland on September 21 for the Regional ISD Career Collaboration quarterly session to collaborate and share best practices on career development activities for students in their counties.

ISD collaborators meeting

Career Development Facilitators and Career Specialists assist students attending Tech Centers and local schools with finding their career path in the school classroom through career activities including onsite and offsite career days, regional activities like MiCareer Quest & Discover Manufacturing and career development through the national online platforms. They also provide direct support to school counselors and educators. 

“It is fantastic to get together and share information and ideas to benefit our students,” David Ladd, Career Development Facilitator for OAISD, said. “We always learn something new from each other. The collaboration between ISDs and peers is invaluable.”

During the session, attendees broke into groups to share strategies and initiatives at each county's career centers and high schools. Discussions also included how to best serve students outside technical education centers in local districts.

“It is so beneficial to meet with regional career development colleagues,” Michelle Kuck, MAISD Career Specialist, from Muskegon Area ISD said. “We learn from each other, glean new ideas, develop best practices and collaborate on how best to implement the MI Career Development Model and support students in their K-12 career development journey.” 

The Regional ISD Career Collaboration group has met formally and informally for approximately five years.

“I enjoy helping students find and attain the right career path for them and as the world of careers changes and grows so must educators so we can best serve our students, “ Ladd said. “ It is a joy to watch students grow through their career development process and we are all proud to be a part of it.”

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