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Community Schools - Supporting Students, Families and Community 

The primary goal of Ottawa Community Schools Network (OCSN) is to ensure that all students, grades Pre-K through 12, are physically, emotionally, and socially well and have strong family supports that allow each student to develop to their own potential.


When asked if OCSN meets an unmet need at their school, school staff says:

YES! So many families need assistance in so many ways, but either do not reach out or do not know where to start to reach out. The OCSN fills that gap.
Yes! Families have been provided financial support to stay in their homes. Families have been helped by getting food. Winter clothes have been passed out to those who need them. Kids who need extra support are getting matched up with counselors. It is a welcome addition to our school! Much needed!!!
"Yes. Our coordinator has helped kids find resources like food, clothing, housing, daycare, gas cards, etc. She has listened and supported in ways that a teacher doesn’t have the opportunity to do. She has brought in valuable programming to help with the health and well-being of our students."
"Yes! Having this liaison in our school allows me to do my job and feel more connected to my students and their needs. The coordinator in our school is aware of needs in my classroom and immediately responsive to the problems arising EVERYDAY!"

You can now donate directly to Ottawa Community Schools Network through Ottawa County United Way to support our work with schools, students, and the community during COVID-19 and beyond.

To donate to OCSN, scroll down to direct your funds and click the box that says "Ottawa Community Schools Network (OCSN).

As an alliance of hundreds of national, state, and local organizations committed to advancing Community Schools as an equity strategy to ensure that all children thrive, the Coalition for Community Schools celebrates the historic investment in education in the American Rescue Plan recently signed into law.

The approximately $120 billion for K-12 education, and the bill’s reference to full-service Community Schools as an allowable use of school district spending, is a huge step forward toward providing the relief and support our children, families and communities need, particularly those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including BIPOC students and communities and people with limited incomes.

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Coalition for Community Schools

If you are looking for assistance, please call your Community School Coordinator. If you are not part of an OCSN school, please contact someone in your school district, or call 211 for assistance with basic needs.