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Career Tech Ed/Early College

Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs serve kindergarten through grade 13 students throughout OAISD who attend traditional public schools, public school academies, faith-based schools, or who are home-schooled. We also offer programs for adults. CTE programs provide a positive return on investment for students, businesses and the economy by introducing students to workplace skills and making academic content accessible in a hands-on context.

Some of our services include:

  • K-13 Career and Technical Education
  • Local District Career/Technical Education Assistance
  • Post-secondary Technical Education and Training
  • Business/Industry Coordination and Work-based Learning
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Career Assessment and Preparation


We are excited to share our ambitious plans to expand career and technical education (CTE) offerings, catering to the increasing demand from students, parents and employers throughout the Ottawa region. This expansion aligns with our district’s strategic plan goal of providing multiple pathways for student success, broadening opportunities, and eliminating barriers and opportunity gaps to ensure that every student achieves their full potential.

Our CTE programming aims to empower students by offering them diverse career pathways, practical experience, and essential skills needed for success in the modern workforce. 

The demand for Careerline Tech Center programming has grown steadily over the years, resulting in a significant waitlist for 11th and 12th-grade students. Additionally, local schools are looking for ways to offer CTE opportunities on their own campuses, and therefore, Ottawa Area ISD is implementing several initiatives to help address the growing demand.

Careerline Tech Center Health Sciences Campus 

Looking ahead to fall 2025, Careerline Tech Center is establishing a Health Sciences campus by renovating an existing OAISD facility directly across the street at 13565 Port Sheldon Street. This expansion will create space for additional program offerings that align with future-focused industry needs and student interests. Renovated classrooms at the Tech Center that are currently housing health sciences classes will accommodate new programs, providing more students with access to CTE experiences and the opportunity to earn low-cost or no-cost college credits and industry certifications.

Work-Based Learning Partnerships Expansion 

OAISD recognizes the importance of real-world, on-the-job training for students. The district provided over 1,000 Careerline Tech Center students with work-based learning opportunities through partnerships with local employers during the 2022-23 academic year alone. To broaden these efforts, OAISD has forged extensive partnerships with local school districts, expanding work-based learning support and increasing the number of students who can access these valuable experiences this year and beyond. Through internships, apprenticeships, mentorship programs and more, students gain practical insights into different industries and develop crucial workplace skills, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future career paths and continued education.

Web-Based Student/Employer Matching Tool 

OAISD has incorporated EmergeSkilled, an online tool that connects students with entry-level career opportunities. Students can create profiles showcasing their skills and experience, which are then matched with employer profiles using sophisticated algorithms. This tool simplifies the process of connecting employers with suitable candidates, making it easier for students and employers to find the best fit. 


OAISD remains committed to fostering partnerships with employers to prepare students for the evolving workforce and empower them to secure higher-earning and more fulfilling job opportunities. By actively engaging with employers, OAISD can align programs and curricula with industry needs, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge required in the job market. 

Through forward-thinking planning and mechanisms that can evolve as needs emerge, we are taking a proactive approach to facility and program planning to ensure that our students have access to modern and conducive learning environments.