About Us

Individually and collectively, our OAISD team of employees come to work each day inspired by a common PURPOSE: to learn, serve and lead in an effort to facilitate and support personalized learning.

We serve learners through instructional programs directly delivered by OAISD from Pre-K to adults in the classroom or the workplace.  We serve indirectly, through the provision of services to constituent schools in staff development, non-instructional supports, coordination of collaborative/consortium models designed to optimize efficacy and resources, and arguably most critically, in the role of facilitating the advancement of our institutional model, public education. We lead the changes necessary to evolve our profession and are uniquely positioned to influence those changes.

We engage in ongoing research to meet constituent service needs, but also to assure our efforts are aimed toward long-term visions of excellence.

OAISD Mission

We provide and enrich educational opportunities for students, schools, and communities.


We are a recognized educational leader with a diverse customer base. We provide our customers with solutions to their unique needs and challenges.  Our definition of education includes those endeavors that seek to develop the individual, the family, and the community.  Our culture is built on trust and our staff embraces the values crucial to our success.


Collaboration: our ability to work in partnership with our internal and external customers, employing basic principles of trust and respect, toward a common purpose.

Innovation: our ability to think and act in new ways.

Flexibility: our ability to embrace innovation.

Feedback: our ability to use customer input to design and improve our programs, services, and products.

Results: our ability to deliver what the customer wants per the quality standards established with the customer.