Common Calendar

What is the Common Calendar?

An intermediate school district, in cooperation with its constituent districts, shall adopt a common school calendar to apply to all of its constituent districts and to its intermediate school district programs.

The OAISD Common Calendar is a "template" calendar for all schools within our district that has been approved by the Board. This means minimum dates for the Winter Holiday Break and Spring Break are predetermined, but that individual schools may get a waiver from the state to change these dates. Individual districts may also have additional time off for breaks, consult your local district for further information.

Spring Break

Spring Break is the first full week of April.

2020: April 6 - 10
2021: April 5 - 9
2022: April 4 - 8
2023: April 3 - 7
2024: April 1 - 5

Winter Holiday Break

The minimum Winter Holiday Break will be December 24 – January 2.

2019 – 2020        Dec 24th – Jan 2nd                             

2020 – 2021        Dec 24th – Jan 1st             Jan 2nd falls on a Saturday

2021 – 2022        Dec 24th – Dec 31st          Jan 2nd falls on a Sunday

2022 – 2023        Dec 26th – Jan 2nd           Dec 24th falls on a Saturday

2023 – 2024        Dec 25th – Jan 2nd           Dec 24th falls on a Sunday