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2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Student Success, Student Well-being, Leadership & Innovation, Engaged & Healthy Workforce, Partnerships

The Ottawa Area ISD Board of Education has approved and adopted a new five-year strategic plan that highlights the organization’s purpose, mission, vision, guiding principles and goal areas for ensuring education excellence throughout the region. This plan will focus and guide our work for the next five years as we fulfill our organizational PURPOSE to learn, serve and lead as we facilitate and support personalized learning.


Continuous learning is foundational for growth, adaptability and innovation. We engage in ongoing research and professional learning to meet student and customer needs, but also to assure our efforts are aimed toward long-term visions of excellence.


We serve young children to adult learners directly through instructional programs delivered by OAISD in the classroom or workplace. We serve indirectly through services to local schools in the areas of staff development, non-instructional supports and coordination of collaborative and consortium models designed to optimize resources.


Through servant leadership, we nurture growth, exercise humility, model a forward-thinking mindset and empower others to lead the changes necessary to evolve our profession.



To ensure that all learners in the Ottawa area have an opportunity to realize their potential, both as individuals and as part of a thriving community.


We embrace a future where every learner has access to the education they need to achieve their potential, enriching both their own quality of life and that of the communities they serve.


Ensure all students receive an exemplary education that is academically challenging and meets their social and emotional needs.


Strengthen our community by valuing people for who they are, nurturing our diversity and embracing the contributions of all students, families and staff.


Build trust by acting honestly, openly, ethically and respectfully.


Expand and advance programs, services and ideas through teamwork, partnerships and civic and community engagement that involves discussion, active listening, brainstorming and
diverse perspectives.


Cultivate creativity and resourcefulness and engage in critical and forward thinking to identify bold ideas that enable us to be responsive to the expectations of our organization and community.


Foster a nurturing culture that embraces
the contribution of time, talent and treasure for the greater good of the organization and community.

Step 1: District leaders discuss organizational goals for the next 5 years and initiate a strategic planning process.

Step 2: Stakeholder input is gathered through focus groups and surveys conducted by a third-party agency with Board of Education support. Input is analyzed and common themes inform a visionary direction for the organization.

Step 3: With input from Administration, mission and vision statements and guiding principles are created. Goal areas and objectives are identified utilizing input from key staff.

Step 4: OAISD Board of Education reviews and approves the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

Step 5: Administration communicates the plan to staff and works with them to determine and implement measured strategies to accomplish objectives within the goal areas.

Step 6: Progress is routinely monitored and evaluated and strategies are updated and/or refined annually.

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