March 16, 2023


Holland, MI-Krista Krefeld-Freier, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD) Transition Coordinator, was recently awarded the Michigan Transition Services Association (MTSA) Recognition Award for exemplifying outstanding support and promotion of transition services through leadership, advocacy and/or innovation. The award is presented annually to one outstanding MTSA member.

Krista Krefeld-freier holding award

“Krista is a fierce advocate for all students. She is passionate about her work, but more importantly about the students, families, and staff that she serves in all OAISD districts,” Jennifer Wolters, Director of Special Services for OAISD, said. “I am proud to have Krista on my team and thankful that she was able to receive some recognition for the great work she does each and every day for our students and their families.”

Transition coordinators work with special education staff to help coordinate opportunities that provide the skills and confidence to help their students transition from student life to adulthood. Transition coordinators also connect students' families with services and resources to help ensure success after the school years. Krista also collaborates with many of our outside agencies to help ensure all students and families have the resources available to help meet their transition needs. 

Wolters adds Krefeld-Freir regularly goes above and beyond for her students by collaborating with many outside agencies to help ensure all students and families have the resources available to assist them with their transition needs.

“It was quite a surprise and an honor to receive the MTSA Recognition Award,” Krefeld-Freir said. “I am truly privileged to work with dedicated and passionate individuals who make a difference in the lives of students and families each and every day. Plus, the OAISD administration is supportive and allows me to do the work I do both locally and at a state level! I may have won the award, but the recognition goes to numerous people who made it possible.”

For more information, contact Michelle Ready at 616.738-8940 x4093  mready@oaisd.org

Michigan Transition Services Association

Michigan Transition Services Association is dedicated to providing support to our members who assist students and young adults with disabilities as they transition through school to achieve their post-school goals. MTSA's vision is to respond to the needs of our members through leadership, support and service to help students transition into independent life. To learn more about MTSA visit www.michigantsa.org

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