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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) includes any product or piece of equipment that is used to promote greater independence for people with disabilities by enabling them to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) includes all forms of communication (other than speech) that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas

Augmentative = to add or supplement communication

Alternative = different way to communicate

Assistive Technology Consultation Process

Request for Assistive Technology consultation/AAC is a collaborative process to problem solve challenges and solutions. The consultation process for determining an appropriate AT/AAC tool/device involves reviewing data, Student needs, their Environment, Tasks, and lastly, Tools(SETT). We will problem solve together as a team to find optimal solutions, thus it will be referred to as a consultation rather than a one time evaluation. Additional support once a tool/device has been selected for trial may include staff/student training, family support, and guidance for IEP documentation.

If your team would like to request support with Assistive Technology/AAC, here is the process you can anticipate:

  • Submit the Google form “Request for OAISD District Services Support
  • Contact within two business days to discuss next steps, including scheduling a classroom visit and SETT team meeting
  • Engage in a SETT team meeting
  • Participate in the development and facilitation of an Implementation Plan

Kristin Blain

Teacher Consultant/Assistive Technology
Coordinator/Traumatic Brain Injury
Phone: 616-796-1715

Lindsey Fountain

Teacher Consultant/Augmentative/Alternative Communication
Phone: 616-796-1475