Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Transition team

Traumatic Brain Injury Transition Team


The term traumatic brain injury means an acquired insult to the brain by an external force or an internal occurrence. The injuries may be a result of motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, abuse, or other trauma.

Changes in the head injured student can result in observable differences in learning, communication, physical, emotional, and/or behavioral processes.

Service Areas

Serving the entire Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, the Traumatic Brain Injury Transition Team is available to the following local school districts:

Allendale Public Schools
Coopersville Area Public Schools
Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Hamilton Community Schools
Holland Public Schools
Hudsonville Public Schools
Jenison Public Schools
Saugatuck Public Schools
Spring Lake Public Schools
West Ottawa Public Schools
Zeeland Public Schools
Public School Academies

Team Goal

The goal of the Transition Team is to provide a systematic approach to transitioning brain injured students back into the educational setting.

Team Consultants

The Traumatic Brain Injury Transition Team is a multi-disciplinary team, including the following members, who would be available upon request to serve the local school districts on a consultant basis:

School Psychologist
School Social Worker
Teacher Consultant
Speech/Language Pathologist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist

Team Services

While the local district is responsible for providing direct services to the child, the Transition Team provides the following indirect services:

A. Transitional

• Gather medical information
• Provide inservice program
• Represent local school district in medical exit staffing
• Coordinate local services
• Facilitate home/school communication

B. Consultation

• Research and collect available data related to characteristics and treatment
• Specific consultation related to a particular case
• General consultation related to inservice and resource information
• Direct service in conjunction with local staff
• Monitor student progress
• Referral to support groups and other organizations

Medical Communication Forms

Word DocumentTraumatic Brain Injury Fillable Referral Form 

Referral Information

If you have a child who is suspected or identified as brain injured and in need of assistance, please complete the "Request for OAISD District Services Support" Google form.