Ellison Die Cuts, Poster Printer, Laminating

Ellison Die Cut Catalog

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REMC 7 makes available Ellison and AccuCut Die cutting equipment and dies to member schools in a customer service area at the REMC 7 Media Center, Ottawa Area Educational Services Building, 13565 Port Sheldon Rd, Holland.

Educators from REMC 7 member schools need to call the REMC 7 Media Center to make an appointment to use the equipment, dies, and work area. Please call 616-738-8940 ext. 4079 to make an appointment. Due to space limitations, only 3 adults are permitted during one appointment time and due to safety issues, no children, please. 

Users must bring their own paper and supplies.

Do you need posters made? 

REMC 7 can print your poster/s on our color poster printer!

The poster can be printed from a PDF or a Microsoft Publisher document.  Please email the correct filetype to REMC 7 with the poster size you are requesting.

 24" wide x 36" - $10.00

36" wide x 48" - $18.00

42" wide x 60" - $24.00

We are also able to print 24" x 60 Banner size - $18.00

Laminating for 24" x 36" size poster is an extra $1.00
Laminating for Banner is an extra $2.00

Call (616-738-8940 x 4079) or email REMC 7 if you have questions.

REMC 7 Laminating Services

REMC 7 Media Center provides access to laminating services. Laminating pricing is as follows:

  • Members: 30 cents per foot for self-service (minimum 1 foot)
  • Non-members: 50 cents per foot for self-service (minimum 1 foot)
  • If REMC 7 laminates for you: 50 cents per foot (minimum 1 foot), customer cuts their objects

Please call 616-738-8940 ext. 4079, or email remc7@oaisd.org to make an appointment to use laminating services.

Educators from member schools may send materials to the REMC 7 Media Center via the courier or drop them off at REMC 7, to have them laminated. The cost is 50 cents/foot if REMC 7 does the laminating.

If you have any questions about Ellison and AccuCut Dies or laminating services, please call the REMC 7 Media Center at 616-738-8940 ext. 4079 or email remc7@oaisd.org.