Technology Standards

Technology Standards

MiTECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students)

  • The Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS), released December 2017, replace the 2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards for Students (METS-S). These updated competencies focus on learning enhanced by technology, rather than on technology tools. The MITECS are aligned to the Top 10 in 10 focus area of Learner-Centered Supports, reflecting a learner-driven approach that empowers students to be active participants in determining their educational pursuits.

  • The MITECS support learning in all content areas.

MDE Techplan

  • Technology Readiness Resources

MI Roadmap

  • MI Roadmap was created by a team of over 35 individuals representing local and intermediate school districts, state government, and educational organizations across Michigan. Planning began in December 2015. The teams studied state and national resources, examples of models, and supports for transforming learning to meet the needs of today’s learners. Workgroups framed goals aligned with Future Ready, the United States Department of Education’s technology plan (2016) as well as Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 Years. Links within the plan also connect MI Roadmap goals and strategies to elements of the Top 10 in 10 Years.
  • MI Roadmap Toolkit


For assistance in effectively applying Technology Standards into your district, school or classroom, contact Anne Thorp, Ph.D

  • Anne will provide
    • Staff, team, individual support in understanding the standards
    • Staff, team, individual work on lessons for integration
    • Staff, team, individual model teaching right in the classroom
    • Shoulder to shoulder teaching for in-class professional development
    • Staff, team, individual technology integration coaching
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