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Parent Student Portal Support

Infinite Campus Portal Links

External Link Parent Portal Link (for parent accounts) (new window)

External Link Student Portal Link (for student accounts) (new window)

Portal Information

The Parent/Student Portals in Infinite Campus are a way to keep up to date on your student's progress, keep your contact and demographic information up to date, view other information and get notifications about student events.  A few things to keep in mind:

  • Each school controls the options that the parent or student have in the portal.  What may be available in one school may not be available in another school.
  • Ottawa Area ISD schools are separate from any other school that may be using Infinite Campus.  They are separate logins.
  • Logins should be by person only and not shared with anyone else in your family or with your student.  Security is very important and sharing of portal accounts can lead to family privacy violations.

Obtaining an Account

Portal accounts are typically generated through an email sent to the parent or guardian's primary email address within Infinite Campus.  When you receive this email, there should be a link to click on and you can then create your account.

The second way is to use your personal activation key (also known as Person GUID).  If you have this key, you may click the New User?  link from the login screen and enter the activation key to setup your account.

Setting Up Your Account

You will be asked for a Username and a strong password.  The password will show 100% when the password requirements are met.  Please never share your password with anyone.

Once you login to the Infinite Campus portal, you will be asked for a security email address.  This can be any email address that you have and is used for resetting your password.

Help Links

Video Document Infinite Campus Parent and Campus Student Getting Started Video (new window)

External Link Infinite Campus Parent Portal Guide (new window)

Video Document Infinite Campus Parent Portal Video Guide (new window)

External Link Infinite Campus Student Portal Guide (new window)

Video Document Infinite Campus Update Contact and Demographic Information (new window)

External Link Using MyCart to Pay Fees in Campus Parent Portal (new window)

Mobile Applications

Infinite Campus supports Mobile Applications for Apple iOS and Android.  There is a mobile application for parents and one for students.

Infinite Campus Mobile Applications for Students

 Campus Student for Android Devices (new window)

 Campus Student for iOS Devices (new window)

Infinite Campus Mobile Applications for Parents

 Campus Parent for Android Devices (new window)

 Campus Parent for iOS Devices (new window)


For questions regarding your student's academic performance, please contact your student's teacher.

For questions regarding your account, please contact your school's administrative office.

For technical assistance with your browser or mobile app downloads, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 877-702-8600 x 3000 or send an email to