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Innovation Services

Innovation Services exists to help educators and community members connect the dots and explore the possibilities of their education-related vision. Whether your idea could impact a school district, your classroom or be an avenue for your business to get more involved with schools, Innovation Services is ready to walk beside you and prepare for launch. Our team will streamline the thought and design process to take you to the next big idea leap or discover a new way to help you meet your goal.

Project Pipeline Application

Drop your thoughts into our Project Pipeline and we’ll reach out to see what’s next!

Start A Project



  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Seeking Inspiration
  • Generating Ideas
  • Developing Solutions
  • Idea/Process Mapping
  • Strategic Planning


  • Developing a Prototype
  • Planning for a Pilot
  • Implementing a Pilot


  • Gathering Feedback, Data, and Results
  • Gaining Insight
  • Developing a Compelling Story

Coming Soon - Team Building:

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