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MI School Data is the State of Michigan's official source for education data.  The newly redesigned site now has more information and reports available.

Do I need an account?

Most people do not need an account and can access a wide array of data on schools without having to login to the system.  Some school district personnel, like principals, curriculum directors, special education directors, data analysis staff and superintendents, would need an account to access additional confidential data that is available and/or required to retrieve on behalf of a school or the whole district.

How do I get an account if I need one?

Step 1 - Create a MILogin Account.

All users must have a MILogin Single Sign-On account.  This is the same as many other state systems use.  Please visit the MI Login Page and either register as a new user or verify that you can login with your account and that you have access to MI School Data.

External LinkMILogin for Third Party (new window)

Once the account is created, logout and then log back in and the link to MI School Data should show up.  Once that shows up, click on the link to login and it should tell you that you do not have any roles setup.  Then you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2 - Review FERPA/HIPAA information and submit a form for account review.

To request access to the MI School Data system and be assigned a proper role, please complete the MI School Data FERPA/HIPAA Quiz and Access Form.  Once it is reviewed and approved, your account will be verified and proper role(s) will be assigned.

MI School Data FERPA/HIPAA Quiz and Access Form


Technical Support Contact Information:

Greg Shepard

Phone: 616-796-1452