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Website Accessibility Software

Website Accessibility Software

These are some tools that can be used for checking websites and web pages.  Ultimately, a website accessibility tool should be used to test all web pages.

Free Accessibility Tools

  WebAIM WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool Website Link (new window)

This tool is developed by WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind).   This is the tool that the Office of Civil Rights will use to check your site.  It only does one page at a time and will show all issues right on the web page that is being checked.  Ultimately, this tool should be used to check a page for accessibility as it is created and edited.

 How to Use the WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Color Checking Tools

  Just Color Picker (new window)

  Colour Contrast Analyser (new window)

  Color Safe Color Checker (new window)

Commercially Available Software

This is software that will check a single page, a portion of a website or the whole website.  It will give detailed reports on all areas of accessibility.
This is real-time monitoring software that is cloud hosted.  It will send periodic reports for issues on your website including broken links, web policy standards, and website accessibility.