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Getting Started

Create an accessibility team

This team will oversee the overall accessibility throughout the district.  The team should include personnel from all departments where accessibility will impact.  This includes the district webmaster, administrators, facilities, technology, special education administration and consultants and the district's legal team.

Make a Plan

An overall plan should be developed for the district.  The plan should include setting the policy and creating a timeline.  Once the plan is developed, it should be posted publicly on the district's website.

Determine the status of the district's accessibility

Start by conducting an audit of the district's digital assets.  Once a list of assets is developed, start accessibility and usability testing.  Testing should be done in multiple ways with actual users and/or software.  Also, conduct testing using actual assistive devices and software.  Automated testing can be done with the right company and/or software.

Train staff to always develop accessible websites and documents

All staff should have at least an awareness of the issues surrounding content.  Staff who edit websites or create documents and materials for other people to use should be trained on how to create the content in different systems and check for accessibility in all content that is produced.

Build in accessibility into all procurement

When purchasing hardware or software, make accessibility part of the process.  Explain to vendors that accessibility it a core value and ask to see if they have a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) document which show's the product's conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Evaluate and maintain accessibility

Testing and evaluation is part of the accessibility process.  Testing and evaluation should be part of the accessibility policy and procedures on a regular interval.  Post progress on accessibility to the public on the district's website.