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Our Team

The award-winning Communications and Integrated Marketing team develops, designs, and implements communication and marketing plans for all public, non-public, and charter schools in Ottawa County along with Hamilton and Saugatuck in Allegan County. A sampling of our services include:

  • Marketing Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Communications Consulting
  • Materials Design
  • Surveys
  • Campaign Strategy

Please contact us for any communication or marketing needs your district may have. We are here to help!

Michelle ReadyMichelle Ready

616-738-8940 x 4093

Michelle has been employed by Ottawa Area ISD for more than two decades and currently serves as Director of Communications and Integrated Marketing. In this role, she facilitates district media relations, marketing, communications, public relations and advertising. She is a past president of the Michigan Schools Public Relations Association and current board member, and has served on the board for the West Michigan American Marketing Association. Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Hope College. She values honesty, integrity, creativity, collaboration, relationships and serving our communities through her role in education. Michelle believes laughter is life’s best medicine and variety and adventure keep her sane.
If Michelle had a warning label, it would say: I always take the dare, and you could be the target.
Pet peeves: wet socks, poor grammar, broken egg yolks, long traffic lights.

Amy BusseAmy Busse

Communications Specialist
616-738-8940 x 4097

Since 2011, Amy has been working as a Communications and Integrated Marketing team member as a Communications Specialist. She loves her work promoting all the fantastic things happening throughout the district through news releases as well as adding copy to the beautiful work of the Comm/Mkt team graphic designers promoting ISD events, working through logo designs, and of course spreading the word about Doing More.Together. With a Bachelor of Arts in English from Michigan State University, Amy loves green and white and detests spelling mistakes which can make her a tough car passenger on busy streets. Did you know there are a lot of people in charge of public signs who can’t spell? If she could be a superheroine she would be Aquawoman. The combination of communicating with animals and being able to swim like a fish is a no brainer. And speaking of animals, her warning label would be Please Feed the Animals. She was hangry before hangry was a thing. When not working she loves being outside, having fun with her family and friends and in the winter hanging in front of the fire with her family.

Jannette BoleJannette Bole

Senior Graphic Designer
616-738-8940 x 4086

Jannette joined the ISD in 2012 as a Senior Graphic Designer with more than twenty years of experience in graphic design, branding and marketing. As a branding expert, Jannette creates comprehensive branding programs including the most recent OAISD rebrand and creation of a new district logo. During her time with the district, she has done logo design and/or created award-winning branding programs for OAISD programs, local schools, and regional and statewide education groups. Jannette also provides assistance with event planning, promotion and execution.

Before joining the district, Jannette worked in the children’s publishing market as well as developing horticultural branding programs for Home Depot, Lowes, Proven Winners, Disney, and Walmart. Jannette received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Grand Valley State University, with a dual minor in Photography and Marketing. She also has degrees in Computer Programming and Interior Design.

Jannette is active with Dancing with the Local Stars, Tempting Tables, and a variety of other non-profit organizations in Muskegon. In her free time she enjoys reading, going to movies, junking, and learning new art forms (mixed media & repurposing furniture being the latest.)

She’s been called a font snob, and doesn’t deny it.

What makes her laugh: Kevin Hart, Vince Vaughn, Melissa McCarthy, and conversations with little kids.

Erica AlderinkErica Alderink

Digital and Graphic Design Specialist
616-738-8940 x 4073

Erica has been working at the OAISD as a graphic designer, web designer, social media poster, and occasionally as a photographer, student, and teacher. Erica designs for special projects such as Help Me Grow-Ottawa, Doing More. Together., Thompson M-TEC, Ottawa Area Secure Schools Network (OASSN), Ottawa Community Schools Network (OCSN), and more, including designing award winning branding while here. Before coming to the OAISD, Erica was designing in the publishing world with Amazon and with a local marketing firm.

Erica's alma matter is Ferris State University where she graduated on the Dean's List with a Bachelors of Science, Majoring in Graphic Design and Minoring in Art History with time spent studying abroad in Italy, as well as with an Associate's of Applied Science, Major in Visual Design and Web Media.

Erica's favorite thing to do is anything outside with her family and loves the work life balance that the OAISD values.

If Erica could have any super power it would be shapeshifting, you can fly, breath underwater, and travel anywhere in a snap (or in a shift).

When Erica was younger her life goal was to be a rock-star, like Amy Grant :D

Joannie RauckhorstJoannie Rauckhorst

Communications Assistant
616-738-8940 x 4046

Joannie joined the Communications and Integrated Marketing Team in 2016 and enjoys assisting the department with graphics design support, photography, website updates and analytics for OAISD and DMT as well as special promotions management of our DMT outreach events and many other community events including the Maranda Park Party. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Art History with a minor in Graphic Design from the University of Pittsburgh. Before joining the OAISD she worked for Formica Corp. as a designer in their marketing department where she designed custom promotional literature for distributors of Formica Brand Products nationwide. She enjoys time with her family and friends, especially on the waters of Lake Michigan or on the many beautiful lakes in our state.

Favorite Music: Khalid, Billie Eilish

Favorite Movie:  Godfather

If you could be a superhero who would you be?
Wonder Woman … she is an excellent fighter with a strong will yet is also very compassionate!