Software and Game Development

Instructor: Nancy Kuzma
Paraprofessional: Chris Petta

This two-year IT program explores the knowledge and skills necessary to create software in today’s modern digital environment. First year students will experience a blended environment of both traditional instruction and online learning. The focus will be to establish working knowledge in IT fundamentals, programming concepts, and programmin glanguages such as HTML5 & CSS3, GML, C#, and C++. To enrich skill development, students will learn how to create responsive websites and simple games. Second year is structured to be independent learning and builds on first year skills. Successful students will be self-reliant as well as work effectively on individual and team projects using project management methodologies. Specific technical skill development in the 2nd year will be in areas of Advanced HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySql.

Additional industry certification opportunities are available to students who accelerate through the course at mastery level.


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