Infinite Campus Parent/Student Access Portals

Careerline Tech Center has Infinite Campus as its Student Information System.  This allows students and parents to check grades, attendance and other data online with a web browser or with the Campus Parent/Campus Student Mobile applications available for Android or Apple devices.  Typically this information will be sent out at the beginning of the school year.

For Students

In order to access the portal system as a student, you will receive your information from your teacher.

 For Students Only - Access Campus Student Portal (new window)

For Parents/Guardians

To access the portal system as a parent or guardian, you will receive information either in the mail or through an email.  You must have one of the following items to create an account:

  • A personal Activation Key (GUID) number that allows you to create your account
  • OR a portal activation link in an email you can click on to create your account

When you create your initial account and login for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a "New Account Security Email" and to confirm it.  This can be any email address you would like.  This Security Email account is used to assist you in resetting your password in case you forget it.  It can be the same as what is defined in our system or it can be completely different.  It is your choice.

When prompted for your "Campus Password", that is the password you created or are currently using with your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

 For Parents Only - Access Campus Parent Portal (new window)

NOTE for Parents/Guardians

If your student attends another Infinite Campus district in the area, you will need multiple portal accounts.  On the login screen to the application, there is a link to be able to switch your district.  The district for Careerline Tech Center is Ottawa Area Intermediate School district.

Infinite Campus Mobile Applications for Students

 Campus Student for Android Devices (new window)

 Campus Student for iOS Devices (new window)

Infinite Campus Mobile Applications for Parents

 Campus Parent for Android Devices (new window)

 Campus Parent for iOS Devices (new window)


Questions and Comments

For questions regarding your student's academic performance, please contact your student's teacher.

For questions regarding your student's attendance, please contact Student Services at 877-702-8601 x 4330 or leave a message on the attendance hotline at 877-702-8601 x 4335.

For technical assistance, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 877-702-8600 x 3000 or send an email to