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Business Management

student working in store showing ctc sweatshirt to another student   marketing student standing in front of class giving a presentation  

Instructor: Lori Grams
Paraprofessional: Amanda Bauer

The Business Management program strives to provide students with the foundations of business knowledge and a strong skill set using engaging real-world, hands-on experiences and in-depth learning opportunities. Students will spend the school year developing and managing Port 31, our school-based enterprise. Each year students build Port 31 from the ground up, making it their own. Emphasis in the program is placed on building a professional portfolio that showcases management, leadership, and customer service skills developed during the course. Students will benefit from working with teams and collaborating on all areas of the business operations as a staff. The teams within Port 31 that students can be a part of include: Human Resources, Finance, Operations (Purchasing, Website Development), Marketing (Special Events, Promotions, Digital), Visual Merchandising, Community Service and Public Relations. Opportunities for college credits are available. Students may also earn certifications from FoodHandlers, the National Retail Federation (NRF), 10 Hour OSHA Certification and others. In addition, multiple work-based learning opportunities such as job shadows, internships, and co-op placements are also available.

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