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Health Careers/Phlebotomy

female student drawing blood on another female student   female student holding baby while another female student checks ears of baby   

Instructors: Darcy Gooder, Aryn Machiela
Paraprofessionals: Kenda Ladd, Patty Peirce

Students taking this class should be interested in providing healthcare services that can help identify, evaluate, prevent, and/or treat diseases. Students will learn how to take and record patient's temperature, blood pressure, and pulse and breathing rates, serve meals to patients who cannot feed themselves, walk patients, and the use of computers in healthcare. The course also includes specific hands-on exploration in the areas of medical assisting, health careers, physical and occupational therapy, and nursing. Students can also earn their Phlebotomy (blood drawing) certification.

Second year students taking the Advanced Healthcare program can earn their Clinical Certification for Medical Assisting. Options for second year students include: Advanced Healthcare, Emergency Medical Services or Dental Careers.

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