student and teacher working with drone   female student working with 3d printer


Instructor: Jamie Golden
Paraprofessional: Russ Klein

Electronics and mechanical components work together to make up complex systems from a car to a robot to automation lines. Mechatronic students learn to design, build, program, and troubleshoot electro-mechanical systems using the principles of mechanics, electronics and computer science. Students learn about electronics, robotics, equipment controls and sensors, programming, hydraulics/pneumatics, CAD/CAM, basic machining, and CNC. Mechatronics students will design and build vex robotic systems, an electric race car, and other projects.

Early College - The Engineering Design & Machine Technologies program offers students the unique opportunity to enroll in our Early College program. The program was developed in partnership with Grand Rapids Community College and Herman Miller. In addition to internship and certification opportunities, 11th graders who are enrolled in one of three Careerline Tech Center (CTC) classes may earn up to 30 free transferable college credits through GRCC while they earn a high school diploma. Students remain in the program for a 13th year to graduate.

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