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Class Information

Plumbing & Water Systems Class Information

Length of Course

1 Year (2nd Year Option)

Sessions Offered

Morning: 8:00 - 10:00 or 8:00 - 10:45 (depending on the high school)
Afternoon 12:00 - 2:00 or 12:00 - 2:45 (depending on the high school)

Main Areas of Focus

General Plumbing
Cutting, Threading & Joining Pipe
Plumbing & Heating Installations
Underground Systems
Applied Electricity
Construction Basics
Maintaining Plumbing & Heating Systems
Green Technology
Gray Water Recycling
Rain Water Harvesting
Solar Water Heat
Geothermal Heating/Heat Pumps
Water Conserving Fixtures
Tankless Water Heating
Water Filtration Systems

State of Michigan Curriculum Segments

Safety, Health, and Environmental
Industry Overview
Employability Skills and Technology Skills
Construction Materials
Construction Tools and Equipment
Building Construction Design (Blueprint, etc.)
Site Preparation and Infrastructure
Common Construction Practices - (Concepts, Flooring, Foundation, etc.)
Residential Construction Techniques (Carpentry)
Green Technology Construction Techniques
Heavy Equipment/Civil Constructin Techniques
Construction Business Management

Unique to Plumbing & Water Systems

People may lift heavy pipes, stand for long periods of time and sometimes work in uncomfortable or cramped positions. Apprentices need three years (6000) working hours under a master plumber to take the journeyman's exam.


OHSA 10 Hour Construction Industry Certification
Hilti Powder Actuaded tools Certification
Flexible gas Installer Certified
Aerial Lift Certified
Scissor Lift Certified
OHSA 10 Hour Industrial Safety Certification
Ferris State University Green Awareness Certificate
Hydronic Heating Systems
Reverse Osmosis

High School Credit

Credit is earned at the local high schools when the course is completed. Students may be eligible to earn 4th year math-related credit, VPAA credit, and credit for an online learning experience. Check with your counselor for the number of credits your high school offers for this class.

Student Leadership

Plumbing & Water Systems students have the opportunity for leadership, competition, and community service through membership in SkillsUSA.