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Class Information

Construction Class Information

Length of Course

1 Year

Sessions Offered

Morning: 8:00 - 10:00 or 8:00 - 10:45 (depending on the high school)
Afternoon 12:00 - 2:00 or 12:00 - 2:45 (depending on the high school)

Main Areas of Focus

Blueprint Reading
Finish Carpentry
Building Materials
Rough Carpentry
Equipment Usage
Alternative Energy

State of Michigan Curriculum Segments

Safety, Health, and Environmental
Industry Overview
Employability Skills and Technology Skills
Construction Materials
Construction Tools and Equipment
Building Construction Design (Blueprint, etc.)
Site Preparation and Infrastructure
Common Construction Practices (Concepts, Flooring, Foundation, etc.)
Residential Construction Techniques (Carpentry)
Green Technology Construction Techniques
Heavy Equipment/Civil Construction Techniques
Construction Business Management

Unique to Construction

Work in the trades is physical and frequently occurs under adverse weather conditions. Students have the opportunity to work on the Tech Center project house...usually a large, contemporary home built within close driving distance to the Tech Center. One house is completed over a two-year period.

High School Credit

Credit is earned at the local high schools when the course is completed. Students may be eligible to earn 4th year math-related credit, VPAA credit, and credit for an online learning experience. Check with your counselor for the number of credits your high school offers for this class.

Student Leadership

Construction students have the opportunity for leadership, competition, and community service through membership in SkillsUSA.