Graphic Design

 female student smiles while working on drawing project   male graphic design student uses computer to design logo    

Instructor: Sally Salkowski
Paraprofessional: Emily Newell

Graphic design is the art and skill of combining text, images, drawings and writing, and creatively adapting them to the needs of clients. It’s a way to blend the skills of an artist with the communication needs of business and industry. Students learn the basic components of good design by exploring proper use of layout, color and typography for use in posters, advertisements, magazines, books, packaging, etc. The lab is outfitted with the very best professional imaging tools; photography, scanners, light tables, Wacom tablets, projectorsd, inkjet printers, and traditional art supplies. We use Apple laptops and iMacs along with industry standard professional software (Adobe Creative Suite CS6; Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) to create high quality, printed media. Throughout the year, students work on a variety of design projects including: magazine layouts, packaging, letterhead, business cards and poster which are assembled into a portfolio which students oftern use to get into a design college. All tools and equipment are furnished for the students.

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