Q: Can individual students attend classes or is Thompson M-TEC only for businesses?

A: We serve both businesses and individual adult student learners. 

Q: I live outside of Holland. Am I able to attend?

A: Yes, any adult can attend our classes, there are no prerequisites or location requirements. 

Q: Are your programs for all ages or only high school/college-age students?

A: Our programs are open to all learners over the age of 18 from any background.


Q: Does M-TEC offer discounts for business training?

A: We offer affordable customized training that can be at your facility or ours. We also work with West Michigan Works!’s Going PRO Talent fund and Incumbent Worker Training Funds to help our business partners locate funding. Please call us at 616.738.8935 for additional information.

Q: Are you able to train onsite at our business?

A: We can provide most of our trainings at your business as long as an adequate training room is available. Much of our training equipment is portable and can be brought onsite if needed.

Q: Does M-TEC offer registered apprenticeship programs?

A: Apprentice programs are customized and approved by the state apprenticeship representative. If written into your plan, M-TEC courses can be used for your apprentice program. M-TEC also helps with career ladder programs to build non-state-approved internal apprentice programs.

Q: How does M-TEC set pricing?

A:  All classes are based on cost recovery to keep training as affordable and accessible as possible.

Q: What is the difference between an open entry course and a customized training course?

A: Open-entry courses are pre-developed using industry data. Customized training courses are designed for your organization and will incorporate information, prints, data and machines that employees will see in their jobs. 


Q: The enrollment date has passed, am I still able to sign up for the class?

A: Please call us at 616.738.8935 and we’ll work together to find a solution.

Q: The class has already started. Where can I find a start date for the next class?

A: Please call us at 616.738.8935 to join our waiting list and we’ll notify you when the next class becomes available.

Q: Do you offer help figuring out what field best suits me?

A: Yes, we do. Thompson M-TEC’s nationally certified Global Career Development Facilitators are available to help you find your best career path, build your resume, assist with interviewing skills and other job search needs. Career Coaching starts at $150 for two hours and includes a personalized assessment that is yours to keep.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: You may register for any of our trainings online at, in person or by phone (1-877-298-0007 or 616-738-8935, ext. 4200).


Q: Can I test out of the beginner and intermediate Excel classes?

A: We offer Excel assessments for learners to test into the correct Excel class level. Corporate teams are required to take the class level selected by their organization.

Q: I lost my certificate of completion. Is it possible to get a new one? 

A: If you’ve taken a class within the last 99 years we can email you a copy of your certificate. Email us at or call 616.738.8935 to request a copy.

Q: Do you offer job placement services?

A:  We have a job posting board on campus as well as many connections with local businesses to help find the right job for you.


Q: What form of payment does Thompson M-TEC accept?

A: We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, cash and checks made out to Thompson M-TEC. 

Q. Does Thompson M-TEC offer financial aid or work with FAFSA?

A: Financial aid may be available for you through West Michigan Works! (1-800-285-WORK) or through one of two scholarship funds offered by Thompson M-TEC. Learn more on M-TEC's Financial Aid page. M-TEC does not accept FAFSA.

Q: What does the training cost include?

A: Our training costs cover books, instruction, and any necessary lab time. There are no hidden fees in the pricing.

Thompson M-TEC is a service of Ottawa Area ISD that provides customizable and flexible education and business training, career development, certification testing, and assessments to meet the needs of adult students and the business community. M-TEC offers a variety of classes some of which offer transferable college credit.