OCSN Short and Long Term Outcomes

Short Term:

ACADEMICS:Improved academics and learning

ATTENDANCE:Decreased truancy and student absences related to health condition or family function.

BEHAVIOR:Decreased need for behavioral intervention in the school environment

PHYSICAL/SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Increased access to physical, social/emotional and mental health assistance for students and families.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT:Parents are empowered to serve as partners-not only in their children’s education-but in school-wide improvement

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:community invested in the student’s and school’s success. Strategic partnerships are formed between the school, local businesses, and non-profits.

Long Term:

Students succeed academically.

Students stay in school.

Students live and learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Students are healthy: physical, socially, and emotionally well.

Families are healthier and stronger.

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