Outcomes - What We Do - Ottawa Community Schools Network


Short Term:

ACADEMICS: Improved academics and learning

ATTENDANCE: Decreased truancy and student absences related to health condition or family function.

BEHAVIOR: Decreased need for behavioral intervention in the school environment

PHYSICAL/SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Increased access to physical, social/emotional and mental health assistance for students and families.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Parents are empowered to serve as partners-not only in their children’s education-but in school-wide improvement

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:community invested in the student’s and school’s success. Strategic partnerships are formed between the school, local businesses, and non-profits.

Long Term:

  • Students succeed academically.
  • Students stay in school.
  • Students live and learn in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Students are healthy: physical, socially, and emotionally well.
  • Families are healthier and stronger.


The Rand Corporation's Impact Study provides evidence that Community Schools are effective in increasing graduation rates and student achievement, and in reduce chronic absenteeism and disciplinary incidents. For more information see the report.