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What We Do

Ottawa Community Schools Network actively partners with over 50 local businesses and community organizations including Ottawa County United Way and Community Mental Health of Ottawa County to support students and their families in OCSN schools. We also lead and participate in many countywide initiatives working toward safe, supportive and healthy schools and communities. 

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All students are physically, emotionally, and socially well, with strong family supports so that each student develops to their own potential through use of the Community School model and strategy. 

Overall Goal:  

To remove barriers to academic achievement K-12. 

Strategic Goals and Objectives Summary: 

Goal 1:  Provide students with integrated student supports. 


  • Identify & address barriers to academic achievement. 
  • Refer and coordinate academic, health and social supports. 
  • An interdisciplinary student support team, including various stakeholders develops and oversees a plan to respond to individual student needs. 
Goal 2:  Provide students with expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities. 


  • Students have access to enriching after school programs that are aligned with the curriculum. 
  • Students have access to support (as needed) before and after school and during breaks. 
  • Learning experiences incorporate a focus on real-world issues and enable young people to be problem solvers in their own communities. 
  • Learning experiences in community school meet quality standards defined by specific program fields (i.e. - after school, summer learning, service learning, project-based learning, common core) 
  • Partners, educators, and parents receive professional development on youth development principles. 
Goal 3:  Provide active family and community engagement. 


  • Teachers and families have trusting and respectful relationships. 
  • Families have equity of voice and power in the community school’s leadership and decision-making structures. 
  • Two-way, culturally and linguistically relevant communication between school and families is proactive and consistent. 
  • Families are empowered to support learning at home. 
Goal 4:  Foster and build collaborative leadership partnerships and practices. 


  • Facilitate coordination of school and community resources.  
  • Guide opportunities and support to individual students. 
  • Incorporate the assets and needs of school, family, and community in the school improvement plan. 
  • Grow the impact of the program through enhanced and additional school partnerships. 


OCSN Made an incredible impact during 2020-21 school year.  Our annual report highlights some projects programs, quotes and data from the year.

PDF DocumentOCSN Annual Report 2020-21

Word Document Accessible OCSN 2020-2021 Annual Report