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Community Schools Roles

Community School Coordinators remove barriers for K-12 students and connect students and families to resources, such as:

needs met

PDF DocumentThe Role of The Community School Coordinator (Tiered):  This graphic outlines actions and activities that may be performed by the Community School Coordinator in supporting students and school staff at each of the three tiers.

Google DocOCSN Community School Coordinator Job Description


  • Attends monthly OCSN meetings and network professional development
  • Attends district-level meetings and relevant professional development opportunities
  • Meets regularly with Principal and building administration
  • Meets regularly with KSSN and district team leads
  • Completes monthly report and provides copies to Principal and other identified school staff and partners
  • Completes data entry in a timely fashion
  • Completes annual self-assessment as part of performance evaluation process


  • Takes the lead on all referrals, connecting students and families to appropriate resources and maintains a spreadsheet/communication system for all referrals
  • Communicates regularly with school staff on available resources and trends in referrals
  • Communicates with families regularly regarding availability of resources


  • Assists families with out of school time activities and enrollment
  • Collaborates with community partners to provide out of school time opportunities
  • Connects students with mentors and tutors 


  • Serves on PBIS and school and district  teams
  • Identifies and coordinates partnerships to support social emotional and behavioral interventions at all tiers
  • Identifies and coordinates partnerships to support attendance interventions at all tiers
  • Participates in weekly attendance team meeting
  • Co-leads monthly Community School Leadership Team (CSLT) with building Principal


  • Identifies needed educational opportunities for families and coordinates with community partners to bring identified classes, workshops, and events for families to the school
  • Identifies and supports family leaders in the building (i.e. PTO/PTA leadership, PAL, etc.)
  • Supports families with reducing barriers to student attendance 
  • Supports or leads volunteer/engagement opportunities for within the school community
  • Ensures communication is accessible to families 


  • Provides building access for the coordinator (including summer months)
  • Provides a dedicated office space for the community school coordinator with: (See checklist below)
  • Phone line
  • Wi-fi access
  • Locking file cabinet


  • Coordinates access to student management system (PowerSchool, Infinite Campus)
  • Access to school and student data


  • Dedicates time periodically in staff meetings for OCSN updates
  • Regular meetings and communication with coordinator
  • Participates regularly  in Community School Leadership Team Meetings (year 2)
  • Provides feedback and meets to discuss annual performance evaluation with Coordinator and OCSN administrator
  • Annual completion of a school staff survey
  • Annually assists coordinator in completing OCSN priority survey/needs assessment
  • Assists Coordinator in navigating and accessing district systems and departments



  • Posts job openings in multiple locations and develop partnerships for exposure to increase the pool of qualified bilingual and biocultural applicants
  • Reviews applicants and holds first round interviews 
  • Conducts second round interviews with the building Principal and site teamat the school
  • Offers employment to chosen candidate and conduct reference checks
  • Provides compensation and benefits
  • Provides comprehensive onboarding of new staff
  • Provides supplies and technology (computer and printer)
  • Provides HR support, including tracking sick and PTO time, insurance, payroll
  • Updates and manages agreements between districts and OCSN
  • Facilitates partnerships with community organizations and individuals
  • Develops a strategic and sustainable fund development plan for the community school coordinators


  • Provides regular monthly or bi-monthly supervision and support of OCSN staff
  • Conducts yearly performance evaluations
  • Facilitates ongoing communication with Principal and coordinator
  • Provide ongoing professional development opportunities for OCSN staff
  • Organizes and participates in annual performance evaluation process for community school coordinators
  • Offers professional development opportunities for Principals and school staff (if desired)
  • Leads OCSN team meetings
  • Keeps Coordinator informed of OCSN, OAISD, and county news and updates
  • Works with Governance Team to make effective decisions to further the mission of OCSN


  • Tracks data for schools and organization
  • Manages and provides data management system (CSM)
  • Runs relevant reports for stakeholders

The Community School Leadership Team is an essential component of a community school.  It is designed to engage invested stakeholders to focus their resources and energy where the school needs them most, using data to drive the work, and more specifically around the areas of academics, attendance, behavior, and family engagement.


  • Principal
  • Community School Coordinator
  • Partners (faith-based organizations, non-profits, business leaders, mental health providers, etc.)
  • Family members and parent organization leaders
  • Student (potentially)
  • Teacher (potentially),
  • DHHS P2P Worker,
  • Health Aid or School Nurse,
  • School support staff

hands touching
STRUCTURE Monthly meetings held at the school or a nearby location, led by the Community School Coordinator

  • Present school needs and opportunities for strategic partner engagement
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Share out school improvements and celebrations
  • Receive updates from community partners