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Resources for Existing OCSN Sites

Google SheetResponsibilities matrix: This document can serve as a guide to support defining roles and responsibilities for the Community School Coordinator and school staff.  

Google DocRole Clarification: Community School Coordinator/School Social Worker/Mental Health Clinician:  This document outlines the specific and overlapping roles for mental health supports.

PDF DocumentThe Role of The Community School Coordinator (Tiered):  This graphic outlines actions and activities that may be performed by the Community School Coordinator in supporting students and school staff at each of the three tiers.

Google DocOCSN Community School Coordinator Job Description


Google FormsAnnual Performance Evaluation: This evaluation will be completed collaboratively at the end of each school year by the building administration, OCSN administration and the Community School Coordinator. The purpose of the evaluation form is to conduct a formal review of the employee's job performance and accomplishments, as well as the working relationship between the employee principal and supervisor. 

Google FormsOCSN Staff Survey:  The goal of this survey is to learn about the impact the school has experienced their Community School Coordinator make in your school, and  to collect any feedback on how we can better serve your school, students, and families. 

Google DocNeeds Assessment: A needs assessment is a systematic process used to understand and create a profile of a community school’s needs. Without a current and comprehensive needs assessment, a community school is less likely to provide offerings or foster partnerships that effectively address risks and promote opportunities for all of its students and families. The purpose of the needs assessment is NOT to rigorously or scientifically evaluate the impact of individual programs, strategies and curricula, but instead to gather a wide range of information that will inform and drive decisions about the community school’s programming and operations.This information will be used to form SMART goals to guide the community school work at your school.

Community Schools Manager (CSM): OCSN partnered with the OAISD to create a data system designed for community schools.  The Community Schools Manager (CSM) is a web-based data system, allowing coordinators to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. The Ottawa Community Schools Network (OCSN) administrative team will act as database administrators and control user access and many dropdown menu features. The administrative team will also act as the main point of communication, gathering feedback, database needs or issues and offering support as needed.