Student Support Services

The Student Services staff provides services to students to meet their diverse personal and educational needs. Support is delivered to students for academic and career-related needs to promote positive student outcomes and success. Staff is available to assist parents and students with attendance and discipline issues, student records and enrollment, and student data systems. Assistance is delivered in various ways by staff members.
Counselors: The Counselors provide personal, academic, and career counseling for all Careerline Tech Center students. Counselors communicate with students, parents, staff, and sending schools. They assist with reinforcing positive attendance patterns and appropriate program-related work habits. In addition, they provide information and career guidance to develop post-secondary programs of study.
Special Education Consultants: The Special Education Consultants provide support for students receiving special education services. SE Consultants act as liaisons between Careerline Tech Center staff, sending school staff, community agencies, and parents. They work directly with students and provide support needed to succeed.
Paraprofessionals: The Paraprofessionals assist all students including those who qualify for special education services. They help deliver accommodations and specific lab skills, as well as reinforce appropriate program-related work habits.

*Support services for special population students at Careerline Tech Center are provided in part through grants from the
Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Perkins IV).

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Student Support Staff:

Name Position Phone
Amy Dickinson Student Services Associate 616-738-8950 x4303
Kris Doenges Student Services Associate 616-738-8950 x4415
Mary Hamberg Consultant/Special Education 616-738-8950 x4334
Mindy Polak Consultant/Special Education 616-738-8950 x4317
Ben Gitler Counselor 616-738-8950 x4523
Tom Langejans Counselor 616-738-8950 x4498