Pricing and Ordering

We make our paper in a variety of colors and often include things in the pulp to create unique looks and effects.  Some items that can be added are glitter, crayon shavings, dried flowers, seeds, newspaper, and confetti.


$1.00 for 1 Card
$5.00 for 6 Cards

All cards include a blank insert and envelope.  Specialty Cards are available for Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Thinking Of You, Get Well, Sympathy, Baby, Wedding, Holidays, Graduation and Miscellaneous.

Paper Size: 5 in. x 7 in.

$0.25 for 1 Sheet
$1.00 for 4 Sheets

Paper Size: 9 in. x 11 in.

$0.35 for 1 Sheet
$1.00 for 4 Sheets

If you would like to see the product, we would be willing to meet with you at a planned time to over details.  Thank you for the interest in our product!

Placing Orders

Orders can be placed by phone or by email.  Please contact the Papermaking Office below.