Social Media Test

Social Media Request Form

Prior to completing the Social Media Account Request form, please review OAISD’s Social Media Board Policy and OAISD's Social Media Administrator Agreement found under the (Social Media tab) on the OAISD website.  Adherence to both is required for approval of any Social Media account by OAISD.

 Violation of either the agreement or board policy will result in immediate:

  1. Removal of the account from any official OAISD resources or marketing
  2. Review of violation by OAISD Administration;
  3. Possible disciplinary action.

Disclaimer 1:

By submitting this form, you must agree to the following:

  1. Have read and understood the above agreement and policy statements
  2. Will sign the OAISD Social Media Agreement form
  3. Will submit the original OAISD Social Media Agreement form to OAISD’s Human Resources Department
  4. Will submit a copy of the OAISD Social Media Agreement form to my supervisor
  5. Will notify my supervisor of any and all administrative rights and information (i.e. user names, passwords, etc.) changes from the original user name and password issued.
  6. Will attend Social Media training prior to account activation.

Disclaimer 2:

You must acknowledge that your supervisor will receive and approve your request before forwarding to .


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Help for Email Address: Enter your Email address.
Social Media Account: Help for Social Media Account: Check each box for the type of account you want created.
Help for Who is your Target Audience? Describe the target audience (i.e. students, parents, administrators, etc.).
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