Program Information

Students Served

Through Public Act 451 of the State of Michigan, each local education agency must provide "a full continuum" of special education services for eligible handicapped students living within that district. When possible and convenient, local education agencies may formulate cooperative agreements to provide programs serving various handicapped populations. These cooperative agreements are often made on an intermediate-wide basis. Such is the role of the program for severely emotionally impaired students at Sheldon Pines School.

The Program at Sheldon Pines School operates as a "segregated site", serving students determined by the student's individualized education plan (I.E.P.) to be so severely impaired that they require placement in a segregated facility.

Student Entry

A formal Severely Emotionally Impaired (S.E.I.) Screening Committee meeting will be held for all students entering the Sheldon Pines School. The committee will recommend for or against the placement of the student in Sheldon Pines School. If the recommendation is for placement at Sheldon Pines School, an IEPC will be convened to consider a change in the student's program and/or placement. Prior to placement, the student and parents will be offered a visit to the program and will meet the potential receiving teacher. Whenever possible, the potential receiving teacher will also be given the opportunity to observe the student in his or her current placement.

This process is meant to serve as an effective screening procedure to assist in placement recommendations for the S.E.I. program. It is in no way meant, nor should be construed, as a means to circumvent the provisions of the Michigan Special Education Rules, amended August, 1983. In all cases where there is a question, the rules amended August, 1983, will supersede this process.

Parallel Placement

If a student moves to the area and last attended a similar program, they would be considered for a parallel placement. In this situation a "30 day transfer" would be completed along with all enrollment forms. A similar program would be provided and an IEPC will be held within 30 school days.