Community-Based Instruction

Young Adult Services of OAISD staff and students gather at the annual picnic at Connor Bayou

Community Based Instruction (CBI)

The Community-Based Instruction (CBI) program is for young adults, ages 18 to 26, who have not completed their transition requirements and qualify for continuing special education services through Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD). Each student has individual goals developed by a team including the student, parents, educators, and others. Classroom activities focus on life skills, vocational skills, personal care and functional academics that allow students to reach maximum independence. Students will explore employment options such as volunteering, independent and/or supported work settings.

Supervised to Monitored (1-3 Year Program)

These programs are designed for students who need basic training in safety, communication and social skills. Participants are supervised as they practice in small groups in the classroom, community environments, and volunteer activities.

Monitored to Independent (1-3 Year Program)

These programs are designed for students who require supervision as they learn job skills independently or in small groups at community sites with staff members/coach. The focus of this program is for students to gain independence in all transition areas.