About Us

The Juvenile Justice Institute is a program run by the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District for the 20th Circuit Court Family Division. It is designed to serve students referred by the court.

The Juvenile Justice Institute (JJI) is an educational program consisting of teachers and instructional assistants. It addresses all the core academic areas, plus vocational experiences and social/emotional issues. Instruction is delivered in a non-traditional day and calendar, and in cooperation with the court and community agencies the student is involved.

JJI is designed to serve students on probation who are either expelled, on a long term suspension, or exhibit significant, chronic school problems (e.g. significant discipline problems, truancy, and/or numerous suspensions).

Students must be court ordered to attend JJI.

Students enrolled in the JJI program will complete courses required by their local high school and will work toward earning their high school diploma. Graduations are held in June each year.