About Us

We offer a comprehensive, quality education that services as an integrational/transitional bridge from the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Center to the student's School District.

Our objective is to:  

  • Maintain the academic requirements of local schools by implementing the Michigan State Board of Education Core Curriculum and content standards from the OAISD Curriculum.
  • Acquire recommended credit for completion of high school diploma.
  • Provide the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a productive life.
  • Develop analytical, quantitative and language skills for the student to become an effective problem solver.
  • Encourage an awareness of responsibility for actions and outcomes.

Our curriculum consists of:

  • Language Arts Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Physical Education
  • Science Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Art Education

Our communication with local schools:

Once a student is detained at the Ottawa County Juvenile Detention Center, a process to maintain the bridge between schools and Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) begins. First, the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District's (OAISD) transition coordinator contacts the student's school liaison by email. This allows the school's attendance and counseling departments to accommodate for the student's absence. In addition, this contact allows for any important educational information or documentation to be passed on to JDC staff including the student’s transcript, schedule, online progress reports, missing assignments and special education documentation when applicable.  A computer record of the student's visit is then added and maintained by the OAISD's transition coordinator.

Upon release, the school's liaison is contacted by email. This allows the school to prepare, if necessary, for the return of the student. Districts will receive a report that summarizes the work completed during the student's stay.  Recommended credits are added to the student’s transcript and all information is then processed by the local schools liaison to accommodate appropriate credits and foster a smooth transition back into their classes.

An ongoing record of all students visiting JDC is maintained by our transition coordinator.  It can be updated with subsequesnt visits, and it can be reproduced if a school requests.