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REMC 7 Ellison Die Cut Kits for Loan/Checkout

REMC 7 has sets of dies and cutting equipment for loan to member schools (see listing below) you may schedule them for use in your school by emailing remc7@oaisd.org.

Set - KT00264

Apple, Ant, Box#1, Generic Boy, Brontosaurus, Butterfly, Christmas Tree, Crocodile, Elephant Bookmark, Flower #1A, Generic Girl, Heart #1A, Heart Bookmark, House, Maple Leaf, Oak Leaf, Parrot, Pencil Caps, Pumpkin #1B, Rabbit #1, Sailboat, Shamrock, Snowflake#1, Snowman, Teddy Bear#1B, Tiny Stars, Tree, Tulip, Turkey, Turtle

Set - KT00265

Barn, Birch Leaf#2, Bow, Cow, Crayon Box, Crayon Tiny, Crocodile, Daffodil, Dolphin, Duck, Flag, Jungle Leaves, Kite, Koala, Lamb, Mailbox#2, Puppet-frog, Skate-in-Line, Soccer Ball, Spider, Telephone, Traffic Set: stop, yield, signal, RR, Train Set: boxcar, caboose, locomotive, tank car, USA

Set - KT00266

Award#1B, Birthday Cake, Camera, Campfire, Canoe w/paddle, Car#1, Crayon, Dairy Group, Fire Truck, Frog#2, Fruit & Veg. Group, Gingerbread Man, Grain Group, Hammer, Hen, Horse, Maple Leaf, Meat Group, Palm Tree, Picnic Basket, Pig#2, Pliers, Puppet-teddy bear, Saw, School House, Screw Driver, Star#1B, Teddy Bear#1C, Tractor, Wrench

Set - KT00267

Airplane, Airplane Banner, Basket, Bat, Bicycle, Birdhouse, Candle, Cat, Christmas Lights, Computer Desktop, Diploma, Dog-Scottie, Dragon, Dragonfly, Elastic Geometrics (set of 3), Gingerbread House, Graduate Cap, Hawk, Hummingbird, Lemon, Lobster, Orange, Pail/Shovel, Pennant, Poinsettia, Pumpkin, Star-puffy, Umbrella

Set - KT00268

Mini Acorn, Ambulance, Ants, Baseball, Baseball Cap, Beaver, Bull#1, Mini Butterflies, Mini Checkmarks, Cherries, Crane, Fence-country, Angel Fish, Fish Bowl, Mini Flowers#2, Daisy, Violet, Helicopter, Mermaid, Monkey#1, Pinata, Pineapple, Skateboarder, Skunk#2, Spanish Matador, Starfish, Strawberry, Trophy, Watering Can, Wave

REMC 7 Has the Following Alphabet Die Cuts for use while visiting REMC 7

1 1/4 " Block Letters

2" Block - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison)

3" Block - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison) Also available in 4" Block

4" D'Nealian - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers

4" Vagabond - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers (Ellison)

4" Dot Letters - Upper and Lower Case, Numbers, Backgrounds (Accu/Cut)

Sign Language Alphabet