#Return2School A community wide initiative

#Return2School is a collaborative effort between education professionals, community members, families, and students in the West Michigan area to provide guidance and resources to K-12 districts and schools as they plan for a return to school in the fall.

Road Map for #Return2School

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#Return2School Road Map

PDF Document#Return2School Talking Points

  • Like other schools across the state of Michigan, our goal is to engage ALL students in high-quality learning, and to do so, we need to be flexible in offering options that meet the comfort level of our students and families.
  • Our K-12 districts, as well as private and charter schools, are accustomed to working together, in fact, we believe it’s what’s best for kids. We believe that every student deserves a robust, flexible, and adaptable environment that meets their unique learning and social-emotional needs.  We will develop, test and implement this environment better together.
  • Approximately 60-70 educators have been meeting weekly for the past few months as the #Return2School Task Force with a goal to develop a multi-option plan for opening schools in the fall, understanding that our plans must remain fluid.
  • We conducted focus groups and surveyed families across our region to learn about their wishes and concerns for returning to school in the fall. We received over 5,000 responses from parents and students and around 1,000 from staff members.
  • The majority of families who responded to the survey said they would prefer to return to school in the fall and many desire extra precautions be put in place for safety, health and wellness.
  • We are working closely with our state and local health departments and the CDC to ensure we follow health and safety standards.
  • A significant number of our families indicated in the survey that they would like to have a hybrid option of face-to-face and remote learning, so we have focused planning efforts around that scenario also.
  • Through our work together, we’ve created a dynamic “Road Map” document that addresses the questions we’ve had along the way. It is purposely designed to allow schools to “pivot” as may be needed or required during this Pandemic.
  • Our Task Force will continue to work throughout the summer to address questions and concerns as they arise in this ever-changing environment.
  • We are anxiously awaiting the Governor’s Return to School Plan so we can evaluate the progress our Task Force has made and adjust our plans accordingly.

While we are working collaboratively as a region, it’s important to note that the specifics of how local districts and schools handle reopening may differ in order to meet each community’s unique needs.