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The Skills4Success (S4S) Framework is a set of 7 interrelated skills that have been developed through a collaborative research process with local businesses/organizations, colleges/universities, and school districts. While certain skills within this set may be more prevalent or important at times, they are not meant to be viewed in isolation from one another. For instance, the ability to communicate effectively often involves a strong foundation in technology literacy and the ability to effectively collaborate and work with others.

Proficiency scales have been developed by grade band (K - 5; 6 - 8; 9 - 12) for each of the skills below.

Skills4Success Overview - One Page

Skills4Success Document with Proficiency Scales for each Skill

Skills4Success Booklet

Local employers, colleges and universities, and school districts worked together to identify these skills known as the Skills4Success.  These skills include:

Technology Literacy

The ability to understand, use, and adapt to new technology concepts, systems, and operations.

Collaboration & Global Thinking

The ability to effectively collaborate and work as a member of a diverse team in order to achieve a common goal.  This involves knowing 1) how and when to demonstrate leadership within the team, 2) how to think globally about an issue/problem, and 3) how to effectively resolve conflict.


The ability to effectively communicate a message or an idea to someone else through verbal and non-verbal means. Included within this is the ability to know how and when to listen to others' communication and to use communication to build interpersonal relationships with others.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

The ability to generate innovative, creative solutions and problem solving to issues of interest through the gathering, analyzing and evaluation of relevant information. This includes thinking through 1) how possible solutions fit into and affect a larger system, 2) the validity of information and claims that others present, and 3) the potential consequences of proposed solutions.

Flexibility & Adaptability

The self-motivation and ability to continuously learn to respond to changes and to increase one's understanding. Included within this is being open-minded to different viewpoints and ways of doing things and continuous reflection on one's own knowledge base.

Ethical Citizenship

The ability to act in a caring and principled manner (e.g. - with integrity, honesty, respect and discernment) in order to promote the common-good of one's community. Included within this is finding balance between attending to one's own needs (e.g. - spiritual, health, work, etc.) and the needs of others.

Personal Accountability

The ability to productively work toward a goal with a positive attitude. Included within this is being reliable and dependable (e.g. - being present and punctual) and having the confidence to take risks and hold oneself and other accountable for their work.


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